Pigs stunning device


STZ 7 and STZ 6 devices and are suitable for the electrical stunning of animals.
From 2019, Regulation (EC) No 1099/2009 of 24 September 2009 concerning the protection of animals at the time of killing applies. According to the new regulations, every animal slaughtering plant should record the stunting parameters. The devices offered by our company have a factory-installed recorder of the deafening parameters, which measures the deafening parameters during slaughter and records them on an SDHC memory card placed in the recorder’s socket. The device with the recorder gives the possibility of remote assistance when setting the de-stunting parameters.


STZ-7-animal stunning device


pigs stunning device


XP stunning arms

YP stunning arms

X stunning arms

Y stunning arms

III electrode STZ 7

The operation of the STZ 7 is based on the principle of automatic measurement of the body resistance of the deafened piece. In the ready-to-run state, there is only a low safe measuring voltage of approx. 15 V at the open electrodes of the forceps. When the electrodes are pressed against the animal’s body, the resistance is measured and a deafening voltage of < 400 V is automatically applied, which is automatically switched off when the deafening process is completed (i.e. the electrodes are opened). Two electrodes are applied to the animal’s head, while the third electrode, using a pneumatic actuator, is applied to the area of the heart, causing it to stop temporarily, as a result of which the blood stops flowing and the number of congested muscles decreases.

By stopping the heart with the third electrode, it is possible to significantly reduce the incidence of adverse factors affecting the quality of the meat.

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