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The use of a third electrode reduces the uncontrolled reflexes of the animal (willpower) that occur as a result of the deafening and provides additional protection for the operator. In addition, it reduces the risk of spinal fractures and congestion in the muscles of the animal being stunned. The third electrode can be mounted on a pneumatic arm (shoulder) or on the cage wall (cage wall). It is activated automatically.


The operation of the device is based on the principle of automatically measuring the body resistance of the stunned animal. When ready for operation, only a low safe measuring voltage of approximately 15V is present at the open arm electrodes. When the electrodes are pressed against the animal’s body, the resistance is measured and a deafening voltage <400V is automatically applied, which is disconnected when the deafening process is completed (i.e. the electrodes are opened).


The STZ 7 – power supply is designed for electrical stunning of animals with the application of electrodes to the head. The device complies with the Council Regulation EC No. 1099/2009 of 24 September 2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing and meets the requirements of the European Union concerning the humane treatment of animals.



Input Output
U = 230 V; 50 Hz U < 400 V
P < 700 W I 0,02 ÷ 2,5 A
I < 3 A 50 ÷ 800 Hz

• waterproof – IP 55

weight: 14,4 kg

cable lenght: 5,0 m

STZ-7-animal stunning device


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