Fish stunning device – STZ 6RW

fish stunning device STZ6

The unit automatically measures the resistance and, based on the guidelines (contained in the parameters set in the slaughter parameter controller PIG830), selects the appropriate current values in real time (during the slaughter) in order to carry out the correct stunning cycle.


The power supply unit is housed in a special box. The box is designed to be fixed at the point of use.

On the side wall of the power pack is a power socket with a special pin.

The external door of the power pack features:

  • on/off button (start – green, stop – red);
  • a LED indicating VOLUME – red;
  • ALARM indicator light – yellow;
  • digital display of deafening voltage, deafening current and frequency (x10);
  • PIG830 slaughter parameter controller console and dumbing parameter recorder;
  • inspection window with SD card slot and fuse socket.


  • Infinitely variable deafening current intensity and frequency
  • 9 stun programmes (user adjustable)
  • one-touch switching of the deafening programme
  • recording of operating parameters
fish stunning electrical tub

The water bath deafening tank is compatibile with the STZ-6 RW unit.


Input Output
U = 230 V; 50 Hz U < 400 V
P < 820 W I 0,01 ÷ 7,0 A
I < 3,5 A 50 ÷ 1600 Hz

• watertightness of the box – IP 55

weight: 18,2 kg
cable lenght: 5,0 m

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