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We have been manufacturing professional gas roofing torches and other roofing accessories for over 30 years. Our torches have a versatile use. They are used not only in construction for laying tarpaper and other thermo-weldable membranes (roofs, terraces, bridges, etc.), but also for any work, where heat energy is needed, such as gardening, horticulture

we also produce

equipment for the meat industry

We have developed equipment that allows for humane stunning of animals with electric current before slaughter, which makes slaughter painless, effective and ensures the safety of those working on it.

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Aleksandra Knott

Sales Department

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Malwina Konwińska

Sales Department

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Marcin Czajczyński

Sales Department

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Sebastian Rynkiewicz

Technical Department

certyfikat jakości iso 9001
ISO 9001:2015 certification

The Quality Management System mobilises us to continuously improve our products and services. The level of customer satisfaction is a priority for us, so we strive to provide them with products that meet their expectations and are tailored to their needs.

30 lat doświadczenia

30 years of experience

Over such a long period of time, we have ensured that our products are characterised by durability, quality, modernity and aesthetics.

certyfikat jakości iso 14001

ISO 14001:2015 certification

We are aware of the environmental constraints associated with our activities and are committed to the rational use of the planet's natural resources.

Bronze Business Leader Certificate

Bronze Business Leader Certificate

PPUH KOMA has been awarded the Bronze Economic Activity Leader certificate and has thus joined the elite group of companies with a noticeable impact on capital and investment development and economic activity in Poland. The certificate was awarded in the National...

Effective occupational risk management

Effective occupational risk management

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends of the Company, This year we took part in one of the prevention programmes under the slogan 'Effective management of occupational risk' organised by the National Labour Inspectorate in Zielona Góra. Our company was awarded during a...

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