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Wide Flame Spread Burner

The flat burner with a wide flame reach achieves an output of 125 kW thanks to a special diffuser. The set includes a 5 m or 10 m KOMA hose (G3/8LH) and a 912L or M50V/ST gas regulator. The diffuser width is 180 mm and the burner connector is made of stainless steel.

The robust plastic of the handle is characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage and high temperatures.


Wide flame spread burner – P4


– connector length – 500 ÷ 700 mm
– thermal power – 125 kW*
– gas consumption – 9,5 kg/h*
– diffuser width – 180 mm

* at a pressure of 0.4 MPa

Wide Flame Spread Burner

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