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Roofing felt burner

Our professional hot-seal felt burners for roofs, terraces and bridges are designed to make the roofer’s job easier and quicker, while the high quality of the materials ensures long-lasting use.

KOMA PLUS TYTAN roofing felt burner series

Ultralight titanium roofing torches for those who particularly value working comfort.

KOMA PLUS tar paper burner series

Tar paper burners designed for users for whom durability, reliability and ergonomics come first.

KOMA tar paper burner series

Heat-sealed membrane burners designed for users who expect durability and reliability from their equipment.

palnik do papy KOMA

OPTIMA burner series

Multi-purpose burners that are ideal for jobs that do not require long hours of use, e.g.: burning weeds, defrosting floors, lighting barbecues and more


Which tar paper burner to choose?

We recommend burners from the KOMA PLUS line for their durability, reliability and ergonomics. For
standard work, we recommend a burner with an L-700 connector and Fi60 diffuser, while for machining work
machining, we recommend the torch with L-100 connection and Fi38 diffuser. For large and flat surfaces we recommend WP7 or W7 wheel burners

How do you connect a tar paper burner?

The tar paper burner is connected via a hose and regulator to the gas cylinder.

How do you use a tar paper burner?

Operation of the burner is very simple, but the fact that the burner is powered by flammable gas requires
to be handled with care and to observe safety rules.

Do you need a pressure reducer for a tar paper burner?

A reducer is not necessary but is recommended. It allows you to set the operating pressure from 0.25 MPa to
0.4 MPa and for safety reasons, as it shuts off the gas supply in the event of a leak.

How much gas is needed to heat the roofing felt?

KOMA burners consume from 0.4 kg/h of gas (flashing burners) up to 10.8 kg/h of gas (seven-cartridge
burners on wheels). Classic single-line burners consume from 3.3 kg/h to 4.9kg/h of gas

What gas to heat the tar paper with?

Propane or propane-butane

What kind of nozzle for heating the felt?

The most versatile are diffusers with a diameter of 6cm (FI 60)

How many layers of roofing felt for the roof?

We make the roofing felt in two layers. Then we have two types of roofing felt:
layer one of the so-called underfelt, which is glued or nailed to the foundation
the second layer of the so-called top-cover membrane

What are the thicknesses of felt?

Thermally weldable membranes for top-cover membranes are usually of a thickness between
3.7 mm to 5.2 mm, while those used for waterproofing may have thicknesses starting from 3 mm to 5 mm.
5 mm, while those used for waterproofing may be as thin as 2 mm to 5 mm.
thicknesses starting from 2 mm up to 5 mm

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