Continuous development!


The acquisition of EU funds allowed KOMA sp. z o.o. to implement a modern animal stunning device STZ 7, which will be produced in a newly-built facility located in the economic zone near Zielona Góra.

State-of-the-art machinery, new technologies and experienced staff will enable the delivery of sets that meet the highest requirements in terms of work safety and deafening efficiency.

The STZ 7 is equipped with a third electrode system, which is one of the most effective methods of electrical deafening.

The stunning process is based on the use of a current flow with appropriate parameters: in the first stage through the animal’s brain, then between a third electrode applied to the chest at the level of the heart and one of the electrodes applied to the head. This method allows for a more humane, more effective animal stunnig and the obtaining of correct meat quality, while preserving the welfare of the slaughtered animals.

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