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Dear Customers,

 We have been producing meat trade devices since the very beginning of the establishment of our company. We first started producing stunning devices in 1990. The first models marked with the STZ symbol and later the STZ 2 went to a significant number of slaughter houses in Poland. The first constructions, though uncomplicated, worked very well. They consisted only of transformer reducing voltage. Over the years, with the changing legislation in Poland and later EU directives, which set new quality, we had to adapt our production to new requirements. We introduced new models of our devices such as STZ 3, STZ 4 and STZ 5. Our latest models are much more complex and do not resemble the very first ones in any way. The cooperation of qualified electricians, IT professionals, many years of experience, as well as our own technologies and projects made it possible to introduce our latest model STZ 6. STZ 6 is a modern, technologically advanced with built-in DVR and memory card recorder stunning device. The device is designed not only to stun pigs, but also poultry, cattle, rabbits and sheep. Currently, our products are distributed not only in Poland but also around European Union, Kazakhstan, Russia and Georgia.Our device complies with Council Regulation (EC) No1099 / 2009.


Over 25 years of experience


 In 25 years we made sure that our products are characterized by durability, quality, modernity and aesthetics.

ISO 14001:2015 certificate


We are aware of the environmental constraints associated with our business and commit ourselves to the rational use of our planet’s natural resources.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate


The Quality Management System is a confirmation of the high quality of our products.

Numerous distinctions


Our company has gained recognition of the roofing industry, as evidenced by numerous awards and recommendations.