Koma Plus- innovative solutions for torches

The purpose of new solutions of KOMA-PLUS torches is to improve ergonomics, reduce gas consumption, and significantly eliminate the emission of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The total gas combustion, during which characteristic blue flame appears, allows receiving the best operational and economic parameters. This effect can be obtained 
thanks to the use of the turbo-nozzle with the appropriate diameters of the air intake holes and the appropriate measurements of the diffuser.

Pressurised propane-butane reaching the turbo-nozzle sucks the air with 4 holes. 
In the turbo-nozzle, a gas-air mixture is formed which then goes through the nozzle 
to the diffuser. The flame that comes out of the diffuser sucks the additional amount 
of air, which is necessary for the total combustion of the gas. In comparison 
to traditional torches, such a structural solution gives much more favourable technical parameters.

All KOMA PLUS torch components (diffusers, connectors and handle) are compatible with each other allowing the user to configure the torches and to adapt them to his/her own needs.

The use of spinning handle end prevents the hose from twisting during the operation, 
and the spiral bend protection prevents the hose from breaking in the place most prone 
to bending.

In order to reduce the weight of the torch, we have used titanium diffusers and connectors. This makes the performed job easier and less burdensome.